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Cakes for Local Delivery

The following cakes are available for local delivery, within a 15 mile radius of Cambridge. The prices shown include delivery.

Round Cakes
Gluten Free
Slice of Cake

Round Cakes

Some of our cakes are also available as large 10" rounds serving approximately 16, please contact us for information.
Round Cakes
The following are available as large 10" round cakes, which serve approximately 16. These are all "sandwich" cakes, having 2 layers sandwiched with buttercream.

The following are round cake versions of our tray bakes:

  • Lemon Syrup : lemon curd and buttercream - finished with lemon glaze and glace drizzle.
  • Orange & Poppy : marmalade and buttercream - finished with glaze and icing drizzle.
  • Milk Chocolate : filled and topped with chocolate buttercream, and decorated with white chocolate.
  • Vanilla : filled with raspberry jam and buttercream - finished with a dusting of icing sugar.
  • Date & Walnut : Filled with buttercream and topped with coffee icing and chopped walnuts.
  • Gingercrush : filled with ginger buttercream and sticky ginger glaze.
All of the above are available for the local delivery price of £12.90.

We also have the following round cake available:

  • Decadent Choc and Cherry : Deliciously indulgent with a "retro" twist, a 2 layer moist chocolate sponge filled with a chocolate buttercream and cherry filling. Topped with more buttercream, mini chunks of white chocolate, caramel bar, maltesers and dark cherries. Finished with a chocolate fudgeice drizzle. Shelf life is 12 days, contains wheat, gluten, milk and egg. Local delivery price: £16.50.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and to order our round cakes.

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